Atari 2600 Adventures : Cartridge Tour

Atari 2600 VCS Program Cartridge Tour


Below you will find a small collection of just some of the many Atari 2600 game program cartridges. Brief descriptions (authentic where possible), screen shots and box art are provided for each. Take a trip down memory lane!


Adventure Box Adventure Screenshot

Once upon a time an evil magician stole an enchanted goblet and hid it somewhere in the kingdom. Now you must find it, but it won't be easy. Three deadly dragons and a black bat will try to stop you. Have no fear, your magic sword will help protect you. Cross the bridge -if you can- and get the magnet that will attract the goblet. Watch out! The dragon is waiting to eat you!


Air Sea Battle Box Air Sea Battle Screenshot

Be an artillery commander, submarine captain, or aircraft bombardier, firing at enemy ships and planes. Or, relax with some R&R at a shooting gallery - picking off animated ducks, rabbits and clowns. Targets come from different directions, at different speeds to test and sharpen your hand/eye coordination skills.


Asteroids Box Asteroids Screenshot

Your space ship is trapped in a deadly asteroid belt. Destroy the drifting asteroid boulders before your space ship is done in. And watch out for other hazards, like satellites and UFO's. Hyper through Space in all directions. Fire your photon torpedoes to protect your spaceship. Score points by destroying asteroids and other obstacles. The sky's the limit.


Atlantis Box Atlantis Screenshot

Defend Atlantis! Blast Gorgon vessels before they come close enough to demolish Atlantis with the death ray. Score big and you can replace parts of the city the Gorgons have hit. Game ends when all seven of Atlantis' installations have been levelled and none is left in reserve.


Basic Programming Box Basic Programming Screenshot

BASIC PROGRAMMING is an instructional tool designed to teach you the fundamental steps of computer programming. BASIC is an acronym for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It was originated to that people could easily learn to "write" computer programs.


Berzerk Box Berzerk Screenshot

You are a prisoner on an alien planet that is made up of mazes. Robot gangs hunt you and you must shoot them before they hit you. Evil Otto, a grinning sinister face who is invincible, pursues you. If you can keep cool and not go bonkers, you'll eliminate robots, escape Evil Otto, and score big points.


Boxing Box Boxing Screenshot

Put on your gloves! You're about to mix it up in the most pulse-pounding fight of your life. Listen to the THUD of those jabs and power punches. Watch your opponent reel back when you catch him with a good one. Keep bobbing and weaving - and DON"T GET PINNED AGAINST THE ROPES. It's fast and furious fun. And if you stay in training, you'll soon be a champion at Boxing by ACTIVISION.


China Syndrome Box China Syndrome Screenshot

For years the nuclear power plant "Spectra Island" has provided safe and efficient power for the people of "Spectraville". Now a devastating earthquake has changed everything! The "Core" has been damaged! Radioactive particles are loose and threaten to overheat the plant, contaminate the town and may even cause "meltdown". Only your expertise can save the day! So get your D.D.V. - Decontamination-Defusion-Vacuum (Your joystick will do) and collect the escaping particles before "Meltdown" and the beginning of the dreaded ...


Combat Box Combat Screenshot

Arm yourself against the enemy with tanks, planes and jet fighters. Blast your opponent as many times as you can for the highest score. Heavy artillery includes missiles, rapid fire machine guns, or single shots. Just keep in mind that the other guys has the same weapons you do. Good luck, soldier.


Defender Box Defender Screenshot

As Commander of Universal Space Ship Defender, you have been assigned by Earth Security to rid Planet Earth of the Aliens and rescue Humanoids from the Landers. You score points for each Alien space ship you destroy with your laser bombs and smart bombs and for each Humanoid you save. (see SCORING.) In one-player games, your object is to top your highest score. In two-player games, the player with the highest score wins the game. A game ends when the Aliens finally destroy Defender and conquer Earth.

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